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I Offer a new approach to your personal development and to assist in disengaging suffering. My one-on-one reading utilizes and integrates metaphysics, emotion, mind and body. I created personal meditative strategies and awareness to internal and external energy systems, removing old patterns and bringing in more light.
  • Do you feel blocked in your healing, have physical pain you want to move through? I can offer tools and doorways to disengage pain, to realize blocks that are impeding you and help you back to your internal awareness.
  • Do you feel stuck in your work or your life dream? Do you want to understand your life in a larger framework? I offer intuitive readings to help you see into your path and remove blocks. I can assist you in engaging your higher self and realize your potential wherever you may be on your Path.
  • Do you want to uniquely explore and discover additional ways to access and support your Path? I offer guidance into a deeper understanding of yourself by meeting you At This Moment on your journey.
  • Do you experience on-going suffering and distress? I offer instruction to assist you in learning to disengage your suffering.
  • Do you seek understanding and assistance in navigating a diagnosis of cancer, an illness, or ongoing care? Do you want additional tools to promote well-being?

Together we set a program for self care that includes an introduction to your energy field within and outside your body, meditation or questions that direct you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your healing path and supportive strategies to bring coping skills and more light into your life and healing.

Let me journey alongside you and offer techniques and awareness to undo blocks and fear and to create a sustainable foundation as you move along your path.

” I am Not my Enlightenment
I am Not my Path.
I am
I am Dreaming
I Can be Awake in The Dream ” – DPL

My Work integrates Metaphysics, Mind, Body and Emotion.

Together, we will reach into your Guides – people have many names for guides: angels, buddhas, llamas, ancestors, even nature. Whatever the name may be, I can help you tap into those forces – forces that are here to help disengage suffering by enlightening your path.

Please read more about my services and sessions fees if you want to bring awareness to yourself and open to more light and joyful movement.

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What Folks are Saying About Denise

"      Denise is a Healer!!! I use this complex word, and often perplexing concept, with the greatest of appreciation and awe! I’ve been suffering with multi systemic health challenges for a decade, and if you know any chronic challenges, the suffering in the body causing hopelessness which effects quali...
- Sharon
"      Denise’s intuitive work allows her to see possibilities and truths that often evade my awareness.  Denise’s intuitive work helps reveal my biggest mystery: me.  Denise’s intuitive work combines with her ability to practice non-attachment to offer me a unique perspective of truth that I migh...
- Heather
"      Denise is an amazing Gifted Healer/Mentor, with her intuitive readings. Denise guided me and helped me to see the false truths I need to work on to clear blocks and Be one with my True Self with a map of Being Aligned with My Soul purpose. Thank you. Blessings and Light....
- Trish

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