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What Makes This Different?

Over 24 years of practicing Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, I developed skills to help clients understand their own body and their path and some of what’s impeding them. I offer to clients subtle energy work to help them fully connect to themselves and to their dream. I listen and see information pertaining to their situation and offer tools to improve their daily life.

Teaching discernment of energy fields and expanding that to daily life and situations and surroundings. I assist clients to view what is actually occurring and to develop meditation or thought patterns for honoring their system. By initial awareness and further undoing of old patterns or blocks, together we develop and access higher
consciousness and vibration. Through thirty years of martial art training and spiritual concentrations, I offer deeper spiritual connection so my client can see and feel the issue at hand and make a shift.

My Skill Set:

  • Dimensional awareness
  • Ability to see energetic systems and fields
  • Ability to see internal meditative processes for intense guided meditation
  • Hear and channel guidance from the Source
  • Thirty years of experience in alternative medicine
  • Deep knowledge of Chinese and Rainforest herbs
  • Chinese Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist – Master’s of Science in Chinese Medicine
  • Tai Chi, Qi Cong, and Internal martial arts instructor, Shodan Aikido
  • Sutras and Sword work
  • Medicine Buddha Empowerment
  • Heart Sutra Initiation, Pilgrimage to India

I am also a believer in holistic health, which to me, includes professional counseling, western medicine, and consciousness work, merging all modalities of healing to achieve wellness. My work compliments professional counseling, not substitutes it. If you are interested in your past, need to discuss it, are holding onto it, or have not even began looking at it, please seek professional counseling. I am a firm believer in psychotherapy. Our sessions together should happen after you have done this discovery and integration. You should always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified physician regarding physical or psychological discomfort.



What Folks are Saying About Denise

"      Denise is a Healer!!! I use this complex word, and often perplexing concept, with the greatest of appreciation and awe! I’ve been suffering with multi systemic health challenges for a decade, and if you know any chronic challenges, the suffering in the body causing hopelessness which effects quali...
- Sharon
"      Denise’s intuitive work allows her to see possibilities and truths that often evade my awareness.  Denise’s intuitive work helps reveal my biggest mystery: me.  Denise’s intuitive work combines with her ability to practice non-attachment to offer me a unique perspective of truth that I migh...
- Heather
"      Denise is an amazing Gifted Healer/Mentor, with her intuitive readings. Denise guided me and helped me to see the false truths I need to work on to clear blocks and Be one with my True Self with a map of Being Aligned with My Soul purpose. Thank you. Blessings and Light....
- Trish

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