Cancer Support

Navigate this course and live your light

Having had personal experience with cancer and what that entails as well as over twenty-five years of working with patients who have had a cancer diagnosis, I am equipped to offer guidance and support to walk through this as well as energetic and meditative approaches. I wrote, “Take Back Your Body”, an intuitiv

Do you?

  • Do you seek understandings and assistance in navigating a diagnosis of cancer or ongoing illness?
  • Do you want meditative instruction during this period of time?
  • Do you want to feel grounded and be in less fear or apprehension?
  • Do you want to include or discover other approaches to aid in your overall healing approach?
Depending on where you are in this journey will tell me what you may want, or feel is Useful, such as:
  1. Navigating MRI’s, concentrating on visualization while in chemo.
  2. How to view and repair your body’s energy field.
  3. How to feel love and support from the greater picture at your most vulnerable times.
  4. How to continue or regain balance in your body, or home, or day to day life, while undergoing chemo and surgeries.
  5. Other ways to think about healing.


What Folks are Saying About Denise

"      Denise is a Healer!!! I use this complex word, and often perplexing concept, with the greatest of appreciation and awe! I’ve been suffering with multi systemic health challenges for a decade, and if you know any chronic challenges, the suffering in the body causing hopelessness which effects quali...
- Sharon
"      Denise’s intuitive work allows her to see possibilities and truths that often evade my awareness.  Denise’s intuitive work helps reveal my biggest mystery: me.  Denise’s intuitive work combines with her ability to practice non-attachment to offer me a unique perspective of truth that I migh...
- Heather
"      Denise is an amazing Gifted Healer/Mentor, with her intuitive readings. Denise guided me and helped me to see the false truths I need to work on to clear blocks and Be one with my True Self with a map of Being Aligned with My Soul purpose. Thank you. Blessings and Light....
- Trish

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