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My private one-on-one Reading and Consultations will assist you in your journey and establish emotional well-being strategies for your Path. I bring thirty years of alternative healing to this work. I see energetic systems within the body and energetic fields that radiate off the body; I can hear and channel guidance from the Source; and I have dimensional awareness.

This work is so powerful, it only takes one or two sessions to begin experiencing a shift to your reality. I recommend one session, followed by a period of integrating the information, during which time I will send you two or three personalized questions. If needed, I will respond with continued suggestions or questions for the week. Upon integration, I recommend a follow-up session two weeks later. I want you to put into practice what you have discovered and alter your reality immediately.

What you receive:

  • Intuitive reading directed from Source, as you permit.
  • Clear visualization or meditation practices for your continued movement and growth and to deepen your life experience.
  • Tools to change ingrained patterns of suffering: integrate past into present, realize patterns that are no longer useful, guide you through your awareness to undo these.
  • Assess body alignment, show you grounding and regain balance.
  • Awareness of energetic system blocks and the process to remove them
  • Freedom from unwanted drama by increasing energetic field awareness and clearing unwanted influences
  • Physical movement suggestions to fortify and strengthen the body
  • Automatic sign up for “Inspirational Questions” by email
  • Personalized resources for mind training.

Practical applications may include, one Qi Cong or Tai Chi movement to develop strength, martial arts “mind form boxing” to enable new pattern outcome, questions and answers to engage your internal dialogue framing your life quest, you tube or recordings as needed to develop internal dialogue and energy awareness.

Price is $175 per hour.



What Folks are Saying About Denise

"      Denise is a Healer!!! I use this complex word, and often perplexing concept, with the greatest of appreciation and awe! I’ve been suffering with multi systemic health challenges for a decade, and if you know any chronic challenges, the suffering in the body causing hopelessness which effects quali...
- Sharon
"      Denise’s intuitive work allows her to see possibilities and truths that often evade my awareness.  Denise’s intuitive work helps reveal my biggest mystery: me.  Denise’s intuitive work combines with her ability to practice non-attachment to offer me a unique perspective of truth that I migh...
- Heather
"      Denise is an amazing Gifted Healer/Mentor, with her intuitive readings. Denise guided me and helped me to see the false truths I need to work on to clear blocks and Be one with my True Self with a map of Being Aligned with My Soul purpose. Thank you. Blessings and Light....
- Trish

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