Denise is a Healer!!! I use this complex word, and often perplexing concept, with the greatest of appreciation and awe! I’ve been suffering with multi systemic health challenges for a decade, and if you know any chronic challenges, the suffering in the body causing hopelessness which effects quality of life and mood, and the cycle repeats and repeats..and repeats again..Its been so hard..and I’ve had many many helpful and caring doctors and therapists on my team over the years…but without any solid movement.of mind or body to break the cycle so I could hope for move towards health…And then I found Denise…first with acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, sprinkled with some energy work.. When Covid-19 struck, and no more acupuncture could be tried, she invited me to allow her to use her intuitive and energy gifts with me.. After only 4 hour long sessions..I feel a shift somatically, more energy for more hours in the day..and more calm and hope…such a healer…such a grateful patient..I’m continuing to do this intense and powerful work now with her only ever 2 weeks..I’m able to use what we work on in-between sessions from weekly to every other week is such progress for me..she’s my lifeboat…

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